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As a well-known and well-respected company, R&G FRESH works closely with select grower partners to sustainably cultivate and source, market and deliver delicious, vibrant fresh herbs and ingredients. At the same time, we want to ensure a positive impact on the communities we work with. Simply put, we want the best for everyone we are connected to.

We believe in collaborative working with our growers, our supply chain, procurement, quality assurance and our customers. This is why we are continuously reviewing procedures against industry and customer codes of practice to ensure that not only do we comply but we are also ‘best in class’. Additionally, we constantly monitor shelf life, reacting quickly to ensure consistently excellent quality.

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Future investment and development

We’re proud to invest in the training and development of our Quality Team and also in the research and development of our packaging technology. This way, our customers and consumers get the freshest and most flavoursome herbs and ingredients. At the same time, we also maintain the highest standards of hygiene throughout the whole process, ensuring our well-respected position among the ranks of quality fresh ingredient suppliers.

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