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As premium fresh-cut herbs and ingredients suppliers, we provide exceptional produce, ensuring that meals and drinks across the country have the right flavours. Whether it is retailers, suppliers, chefs, cooks and foodies who know what great flavour is all about, we make sure that everyone single one gets farm-fresh ingredients when they need them.

Buyers – Those who supply everyone else

When you are dedicated to providing your customers with the best produce in the market, R&G FRESH is the herbs and ingredients supplier for you. We provide buyers and retailers exceptional produce all year round so that your customers don’t go without.

See how we can work with you to deliver the goods.

Cooks & Chefs – Those who demand the best

When you know your flavours and want only the best. We are pleased to be the preferred suppliers of fresh herbs and luscious ingredients for chefs and cooks across the country.

Find out how we can supply industry-leading produce direct to your kitchen.

Foodies – Those who appreciate the finer things in life

When you are a connoisseur of bold flavours that only come with the finest produce, try R&G FRESH. we can help you achieve the best in your kitchen. Our premium fresh-cut herbs and ingredients give foodies and home cooks the fresh burst of aroma that sets your cooking apart.

See how we can help you enhance your culinary skills.

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Why Stopping Food Waste Matters 1024 569 R&G Fresh

Why Stopping Food Waste Matters

28th April 2021 is Stop Food Waste Day – so we felt it timely to look at the serious (and growing!) problem of food waste…

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Lip-Lickin’ Herby Chicken Pie Recipe

Preparation Time Roughly 2-2.5 hours (including 1hour 30mins in the oven) Yield: 4 servings Ingredients For the pastry: 1tbsp chives (chopped) 1tbsp thyme leaves (fresh)…

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Veganuary: Using Herbs in Vegan Recipes

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